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Just for convenience sake. List is ever ongoing.

Dragon Age Origins
Name Origin Class Love Interest Dog's Name Alistair's Fate
Irena Human Noble Rogue Alistair Snarl King (married to Warden)
Prowl Dalish Elf Rogue Leliana Barricade Dead
Ashelin City Elf Rogue Alistair Bonecrusher Grey Warden
Daniel Mage Mage Zevran Bulkhead King (married to Anora)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Name Race Class Birthsign
Sybill Nord Bard The Shadow
Prowl Breton Monk The Thief
Seraph Imperial Sorceror The Mage

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Name Gender Race Class type Spouse Allegiance
Desolus Female Argonian Sneak Sardi Imperial Legion
Drace Female Imperial Battlemage TBA Imperial Legion
Finn Male Dunmer Sneak/mage TBA - definatly male Stormcloaks
Lockdown Male Nord Warrior TBA Stormcloaks
Prowl Male Breton Sneak TBA Imperial Legion

Fallout 3
Name Karma Companions
Irene Good Dogmeat, Charon, Fawkes

Fallout: New Vegas
Name Gender Allegiance Karma Companions
Alice Female NCR Good Veronica, Lily, Rex, Cas
Tick Male Yes Man Good Arcade, Rex
Nightbird Female Caesar's Legion Evil Lily, ED-I
Lockdown Male Mr. House Evil to Neutral Raul, ED-I
TBA Female NCR Good Boone, Rex

Mass Effect

Name Background Reputation Class Love Interest(s) Vermire Death Mass Effect 2 Deaths
Irene Spacer War Hero Vanguard Garrus Ashley None
Linda Spacer Sole Survivor Soldier Liara/Garrus Kaiden Kelly and some crew
Ripley Colonist War Hero Soldier Kaiden/Thane Ashley Jacob, Jack
AlanSpacerSole SurvivorInfiltratorLiaraKaidenNone


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