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Dragon Age Origins
Name Origin Class Romance Alistair's fate
Daniel Mage (human) Mage Zevran King
Ashelin City Elf Rogue Alistair Grey Warden
Prowl Dalish Elf Rogue Leliana King
Dain Human Noble Warrior Zevran King
Irena Human Noble Rogue Alistair King (married Warden)

Dragon Age II
Name Class Romance Personality Sibling's fate Ending Warden Import
Janus Rogue Anders Diplomatic Grey Warden Mages Ashelin
Fiona Rogue Fenris Diplomatic Dead Mages Daniel
Jackben Mage Anders Diplomatic Grey Warden Mages Ashelin
Marcus Mage Anders Snarky Dead Mages Prowl
Lockdown Warrior Isabela Aggressive Circle Mages Prowl
Isaac Rogue Anders Snarky Circle Mages Daniel
TBA Mage Anders Snarky Templar Mages TBA

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Name Race Class Birthsign
Seraph Imperial Sorcerer Atronach
Myrith Dunmer Agent The Thief
Desolus Argonian Assassin The Shadow

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Name Race Class Paarthurnax Factions
Desolus Argonian Assassin Spared Dark Brotherhood
Lockdown Nord Warrior Killed Dark Brotherhood, Companions, Thieves Guild
Finn Dunmer Nightblade Spared Dark Brotherhood, College of Winterhold

Fallout New Vegas
Name Karma Faction Companion(s)
Alice Good NCR Rex, Lily, Veronica, Cassidy
Tick Good Wild Card Arcade, ED-E, Rex
Lockdown Neutral Mr. House Rex, ED-E, Raul

Mass Effect
Name Background Class Romance ME3 Ending
Linda Spacer/Sole Survivor Soldier Liara/Garrus Destroy
Ripley Colonist/War Hero Soldier Kaiden/Thane Refuse
Irene Spacer/War Hero Vanguard Garrus Control
Alan Spacer/Sole Survivor Infiltrator Liara Control
Marcus Colonist/Sole Survivor Adept Steve Destroy


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