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Dad, let's get on thing straight: I am 20 years old, so I can swear however much I fucking want to, you son-of-a-bitch!

I really fucking hate you, you fucking fucktard! You can't tell me what I can and cannot say and do, you fuckwad! For that matter, you can't make me not be angry! There's no magic remote that controls my emotions, so if you don't like me being mad, you just have to fucking deal with it, you fucking bastard.

You're king of the fucking bastards! And you can just go to hell, fucking fucker!

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My dad is the biggest fucking bastard in the world. He's the king of fucking bastards. If there was an award for Biggest Fucking Bastard in the World, then he'd win by a landslide every single year in the world. God, he's just impossible.

Today, I wake up, and as usual, I don't feel like saying "good morning" because he doesn't deserve a "good morning" because he's such a bastard. Well, then he goes on to lecture me about some crap like "being partners" or some shit like that. And I'm making layered dip from the leftover nacho ingredients from last night and then he tells me that he and my brother were pigs and ate them all. And he tells me to cover up the bowl he beans are already in and put them in the fridge, which I was going to do anyway. I get some tinfoil and cover the bowl, but then he snap at me that we have lids for the bowls and makes me use them. How was I suppossed to know about them, I've never had a reason to use them. These were bowls bought without lids, how was I suppossed to know they had lids?

Did it ever cross my dad's mind that our relationship would be better if he didn't lecture me every 5 minutes and act like he's better than me? Of course not. That would mean treating me as an equal and giving up his attempts to control me. God, he's a fucking bastard.


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