Feb. 18th, 2013 08:43 pm
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Bought Dragonborn for the PS3 earlier this week and just recently finished the main campaign for it. It was awesome!

Seeing Solstheim again was cool, as was hearing the Morrowind music again. It was nice to get away from Skyrim for a short while, see something different. The Ash Spawn scare the shit out of me though.

Miraak was an awesome villain with a sexy voice (Lucien Lachance still has him beat for sexiest voice, though), and his boss fight was really fun. At one point we actually cast Fire Breath on each other at the same time.

And dragon riding is so fun that I actually had a dream about it the other night.

I also took on the Morag Tong in my Dark Brotherhood uniform, used the Blade of Woe and Marked for Death almost exclusively. And of course, Lucien was by my side to kick their asses.
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So after about half a year of impatience, Bethesda finally announced that Dawnguard and Hearthfire will be released for PS3 in late Feburary, along with Dragonborn. At a 50% discount even. I’ll consider it an early birthday present from Bethesda.

I think I’ll do them with my Nightblade Dunmer, Finn, first. Then my Nord, Lockdown (yes, based on the Transformer), and then my Argonian.

And to all the haters who thought that Bethesda was skimping out on us PS3 owners and thinking that we weren’t worth the trouble: STFU!
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I probably should have written this a month ago, when I actually finished Skyrim, but stuff came up.

Talking about every little thing in the game would take forever, so I'm just gonna cover the four side questlines: The Dark Brotherhood, Thieve's Guild, College of Winterhold, and Companions. Might also give my thoughts on one or two points of the main questline.

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Well, thanks to Netflix, I've been on a big movie kick as of late. I recently got to watch Predators, the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, and the first Highlander. Predators was awesome and very in the spirit of the first movie. Never thought I'd see Adrian Brody go up against a Predator, that's for sure. And it was cool. Nightmare was a decent flick, thought it had a few too many jump scares. Jackie Earle Haley makes for one scary as hell Freddy. Highlander was good too. Clancy Brown certainly proves that he can be both scary and hammy with his performance as the Kurgan. And how can you go wrong with a soundtrack done by Queen?

Also went out and saw True Grit today. Good movie, especially seeing as how I'm a Coen Brothers fan. Might go see Tron again this weekend.

Since we get Netflix through the Wii, I've been watching some of the stuff they have available for instant play on it. Some of the movies are forgettable, but it also had Up, which I liked. It also has the first four seasons of the new Doctor Who on it. Had a marathon of the first season (with the 9th Doctor) and I'm about halfway through season two (with the 10th Doctor) right now. Hard to decide with Doctor I like better so far.

Also, just because I can't ever shut up about my game exploits, I'm very close to referring to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion as "The Neverending Sidequests". I'm not even halfway through the main quest yet. Apparently Bethesda protagonists have adventurer's procrastination syndrome and the bad guys are very lazy. "Oh, the daedra are gonna invade at any time and the only way to stop them is to get the amulet back and crown Martin? It can wait, we still need to do that quest for the Dark Brotherhood." Also, I'm about halfway through my current Dragon Age playthrough. I'm honestly thinking of having Alistair slay the archdemon without going through Morrigan's ritual first. Then next two playthroughs I'm going through with the ritual.

And I'm done rambling now.


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