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Title: Wrong Impression
Summary: Lucas Shepard has to break some bad news to Ashley. Set during Mass Effect 1.


Wrong Impression )

Afterword: I wrote this to basically put my own headcanon to paper. I made Lucas with the intention of romancing Kaidan (and Steve in a new game plus) in Mass Effect 3, and not interested in women. Much like the Garrus romance, I wanted their feelings to develop over the course of all three games, and not have Lucas be interested in anyone else. Then I accidentally triggered Ashley's romance and by the time I realized it, it was too late to tell her that I didn't want a relationship with her. He was just being nice to her and the game decided that meant he was head over heels for her. Ashley died on Vermire so it didn't end up mattering anyway, but Lucas saw it as sacrificing a dear friend, not a lover. So I decided to headcanon it that Lucas wasn't even aware of her intentions because he's just that clueless when it comes to women, and he doesn't realize himself when he might be leading a woman on. So I imagine Lucas set the record straight not long after one of their next to last conversations.
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Title: Bound Forever
Pairing: Anders/M!Hawke
Summary: Kink-Meme fill. During the incident at the Blooming Rose, a combination of blood magic and spirit energy causes a mental link between Anders and Hawke.
Rating: NC-17

Bound Forever )
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Pairing: Anders/Bethany, Justice/Bethany
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Anders and Bethany have been seeing each other for a while, and it isn't long before Bethany wants to get to know Justice. Kink-meme response.

Spiritual Discovery )

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Title: Quick Trip
Summary: Pre-Origins. Anders and Daniel Amell have a quick encounter. Shameless PWP
Pairings: Anders/m!Amell, past m!Amell/Jowan

Porn ahead )


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