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 Seems Playstation is hopping on the virtual console wagon along with Microsoft and Nintendo. This, in my opinion, is a good thing. Means that we don't have to spend oodles of money for some PS1 games that we want to play.

The two game series for PS1 I really want to check out at the moment are Oddworld and Medievil. I've watched the cutscenes and gameplay on YouTube, and they look just awesome.

Medievil is a good mix of black comedy, horror, and adventure. It has an almost Tim Burton feel to it, along with a touch of Army of Darkness. The hero, Sir Daniel Fortesque, looks like he might have come from a Burton film, and a lot of the backgrounds and levels are very gothic, and could fit very well in a Burton film. The music also sounds as if the composer drew heavily from Danny Elfman, who is well-known for doing the musical score for every Burton movie out there. If a movie was ever made of this game, I could very well see Tim Burton doing it, in the style of his claymation films.

As for Oddworld, all I can say is that it's quite unique. I can't really compare it to anything, because I've never really seen anything like it. The characters are all aliens, so it has a sci-fi air to it, but it also has some spiritual and enviromental aspects to it. You have an underdog hero, Abe, whose just an average joe who's life is turned upside down by a twist of fate; an evil corporate race called the Glukkons, who are just out to make money, especially at the cost of slaves' and animals' lives; and the peaceful plains people, the Mulloks, (of which Abe is a part of) who have been forced into slavery by the Glukkons. Like I said, there's really nothing I can compare it to, because I've never seen anything else that combines such elements as sci-fi and tribal spirituality into one story. The people behind Oddworld are making an Oddworld movie, and I will definately be curious to check that out.
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Well, I just got the news that the PS2 remake of KH:CoM is going to be released in North America this December. And because it's PS2 and not PS3, I'll actually be able to play it! :D

I was never able to finish the GBA version, because I got stuck on a boss fight because my deck sucked. Hopefully the gameplay will differ enough from the card-based system to the point where I can actually beat the game.

I really hope Quinton Flynn reprises his role as Axel, because Axel just wouldn't be the same without the charm Quinton Flynn puts into him. I'll be interested to see who they get to voice Larxene, Vexen, and Marluxia.

Seriously, this is how excited I would have been for Metal Gear Solid 4 if it hasn't been for PS3, and thus unavailable to me for perhaps years to come.


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