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Well,  today is my last full day here in this state. Tommorrow morning, my family and I head out for our new home. These past 17 years have been somewhat decent to me, not enough to make me saddly regret leaving here. My best friends live in other states and the weather here is too freaking hot and humid. The new home state will be nice and cool. Packing is almost completed, and we'll be done in no time.

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Well, we're finally getting some real work done. My brother got some friends to come over and help, and thanks to them, the work is getting done twice as fast. My room is almost completely bare, and will soon be devoid of furniture. At this rate, we'll be out by Thursday morning.

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Just two days left until moving day. Tommorrow is my last full day living here. I've spent the whole day moving boxes into the truck and pretty soon my room will be bare of furniture. My dad has been working us to the bone, and I've had to take two showers today. Well, the payoff of living in a state that ins't so hot and humid will be worth it.
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Well, by the end of the week, I will be in my new home state. I am not looking forward to being stuck in a moving struck with my dad and brother. For me, the whole road trip is going to be nothing but listening to music and playing games and watching DVDs on my computer. Packing up has left me very tired and worn out. Well, at least this new state will be better than living in Oklahoma with all the heat. Plus, I'll be living a state away from one of my friends.


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